Which Will Smith movie would be your first choice for movie night?

Independence Day

I loved this movie when I was a kid, and even today I could happily watch it.

Well, I still have a slightly different look now than when I was like 7 years old. Because I have obviously since realized that it is one of those hyper-patriotic films to the glory of America which saves the world for the umpteenth time. But no matter, it’s a film that marked my childhood!

It’s also the very first film I saw with Will Smith, that’s how I discovered him. In this work, the actor exudes confidence, he dominates the screen in front of all the others, he is the star.

He’s as funny as he is badass, he’s the epitome of a hero ready to save the world. Probably the best alien hunter in cinema history.

His absence was also cruelly felt in the second part, released in 2016. But ultimately, fortunately he was not in that film, given how bad it was!

I’m a legend

For me, this is one of the best zombie films made, and maybe even the best. It’s not just a violent or gory film as one might have expected: it’s really moving, which sets it apart from other films of the same genre like World War Z , which I also really enjoyed.

And Will Smith also carries this film on his shoulders, even more than in Independence Day . He plays a different role, deeper and less funny, that of a tortured man who must fight alone or almost.

It is also a film which addresses quite well the theme of suffering linked to loneliness, as well as that of despair but also of hope. I will also always be sad for the dog!

After Earth

Well, here Will Smith doesn’t play the main role since it’s his son, like a sort of passing of the torch. But he also embodies his role quite believably, I think.

A father and son who know each other little and who must work together to get through it, a story seen again and again but which remains beautiful. And all with a rather nice ecological message. A film that has, in my opinion, been unfairly panned by critics.

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