Which actors were fired during the filming of the film?

Robert Downey Junior was hired to play the male role in “Gravity” with Sandra Bullock.

However, shortly before filming began, the producers and director realized that Robert Downey’s style of acting, which relied largely on an element of improvisation, was not suitable for this type of film.

Indeed, “Gravity” relies entirely on very complex special effects, it required an actor capable of scrupulously respecting each aspect of the script to allow fluid connections between takes during post-production.

Robert Downey Junior was therefore replaced by George Clooney, probably better able to meet the requirements of this project.

Nicole Kidman had to drop out of the lead role in ‘Panic Room’ after 3 weeks of filming due to a knee injury. Jodie Foster took over at short notice.

Stuart Townsend had been hired to play Aragorn in “The Lord of the Rings”.

Four days into filming, Peter Jackson realized that he was physically unsuitable for the role: he looked too young. Viggo Mortensen was then hired in a hurry to take over.

Eric Stoltz played the role of Marty McFly in “Back to the Future” for 5 weeks before being replaced by Michael J. Fox. The director found that he did not exude enough humor and sympathy. As soon as he knew Michael J Fox was available, he hired him and fired Holtz…

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