10 best comedy movies in cinema

Check out the selection with the Nerdbunker Seal of the Most Hilarious Productions on the Big Screen

10 best comedy movies in cinema

You know that the world becomes a joke here at Jovem Nerd. Between one news story and another, we all love to have a good laugh with the most hilarious productions on the big screen. So why should not we share our love of joking with our dear readers? But with a little twist.

Since we also have a hint of seriousness here, we mixed our advanced human curation algorithms with science. Below, you will see 5 productions defined as the funniest, according to research carried out by a British streaming and video rental service (via Forbes ), and the personal choices with the Nerdbunker seal of quality.

In the case of the study, the measurement was made by the level of laughter per minute, in a group of 10 spectators. See below:

1- Fasten Your Seatbelts, The Pilot Has Vanished! (1980) (3 laughs per minute)

The very first place couldn’t be anyone else’s. Comedy star Leslie Nielsen experiences a lot of trouble aboard a plane that, as the title suggests, is about to crash. The film is one of the pioneers of parody nonsense, which to this day influences franchises like American Pie (1999) and more.

2- The Hangover (2009) (2.4 laughs per minute)

Bradley Cooper and friends take the concept of a “party” to the extreme in The Hangover! – The scamps throw a bachelor party for a buddy, but their drinking takes a heavy toll when they wake up the next day with no memory and, most importantly, no groom.

3- The Naked Gun (1988) (2.3 laughs per minute)

The man, the myth, the legend appears again. Leslie Nielsen plays the clumsy Lieutenant Frank Debrin in the classic parody of police films. As expected, the star gets into the most absurd messes, much to everyone’s laughter.

4- Superbad (2007) (1.9 laughs per minute)

The brainchild of producers Seth RogenEvan Goldberg and Judd Apatow, Superbad features two teenagers on a mission that’s even harder than destroying the Death Star: losing their virginity. In addition to Rogen himself, the cast includes Jonah HillMichael Cera and, of course, the unforgettable character McLovin ( Christopher Mintz-Plasse ).

5- Borat (2006) (1.7 laughs per minute)

The second best reporter from the glorious country of Kazakhstan travels to America. The subtitle basically gives away what to expect from the film, but even so, Sacha Baron Cohen takes it to the next level. As the irreverent Borat, Cohen pokes his finger at the wounds of modern society with great shock and good humor. It’s worth emphasizing that, for the love of Luke Skywalker, DO NOT WATCH the film with family members, as you risk extreme embarrassment.

6- The Auto da Compadecida (2000)

Brazil could never be left out of a list like this, right? And there is no better translation for the spirit of the country than the antics of João Grilo and Chicó. Based on the play by Ariano Suassuna, the film is still loved by several generations of fans.

7- White Chicks (2004)

Another comedy that has become popular with Brazilian audiences is the one starring brothers Marlon and Shawn Wayans. In the plot, the two are tasked with protecting a rich socialite. To do so, they have to disguise themselves as girls, which, of course, leads to a lot of confusion.

    8- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

    Who has never dreamed of living the life of a king, even if only for a day? That’s what the scoundrel Ferris Bueller ( Matthew Broderick ) does in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off . After pretending to be sick to skip school, the young man gathers his friend and girlfriend for an afternoon of fun, while escaping the sights of the strict school principal.

    9- Shaun of the Dead (2004)

    The golden partnership between Simon PeggNick Frost and director Edgar Wright doesn’t spare the clichés of zombie films. Shaun of the Dead tells the story of the end of the world at the hands of the undead, mixing adventure and comedy.

    10- Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

    Another genius of laughter, who could not be left out, is Robin Williams. It is almost impossible to choose just one work by the actor, who died in 2014, but Mrs. Doubtfire shows the versatility of the star, dividing his time between a divorced father, in search of more time with his children, and the funny Mrs. Doubtfire, a disguise he finds to stay close to the children.

    Honorable mention: Anything by Jim Carrey (except Eternal Sunshine… )

    Did you REALLY think we would forget one of the greatest comedy geniuses of all time? The truth is that, even with our most advanced algorithms, we simply couldn’t choose just ONE movie starring Jim Carrey, so since this is our list, we recommend any film made by the actor, as it guarantees extreme laughs. We only recommend that you avoid the star’s more dramatic productions (especially Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ), unless you feel like crying your eyes out. But, if you really have to choose just one, we leave the sensational Liar Liar (1997) as a request.

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