Which actors have become caricatures of themselves?

Nicolas Cage!

The nephew of Francis Ford Coppola already has a career spanning almost 40 years. Despite his undeniable talent, it must be admitted that since the mid-2000s he has very often hidden away in crap or B-movies, with a few exceptions.

Ghost Rider well sums up the wreck of the actor’s career from the mid-2000s . )

Known for his exuberant acting, his many jokes and his tax worries, the actor has not given up having fun on the sets and we have noticed for several years that he happily indulges in self-caricature.

Roles as varied as his little ones! )

This ability to make fun of himself while embracing everything crazy about his game works for him quite well. As proof, I can cite the very successful revenge film ‘Mandy’ released in 2018, where her hallucinatory interpretation was noticed.

(A completely crazy revenge movie, a tailor-made role for the actor.)

Proof that his exuberance, his very meta acting and his self-mockery are paying off, the actor will soon have his mini-series on Netflix based on the successful documentary Tiger King . So certainly Cage may have missed out on big roles by managing his career haphazardly, but his undeniable ability to caricature himself makes him a cult actor and an inexhaustible source of memes on the internet.

If you liked the original The Wicker Man with Christopher Lee don’t watch the version with Cage…well yes but just for the absurdity of the narration, the direction, the acting, everything in do ! )

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