Has a director ever forced an actor to have their teeth done?

Michael Bay forced Ben Affleck to get veneers on all of his front teeth for the movie Armageddon .

In the film’s audio commentary, the director drops the revelation between two pretentious and smug tirades.

We feel that there is a certain enmity between the two men, because Ben Affleck also does not hesitate to tackle Bay.

But to get back to the actor’s teeth, here is what the director says:

“We spent $20,000 on a set of beautiful white teeth for Ben Affleck. He will certainly be angry that I say this! The fact is that I love filming actors from below, under the chin. It makes them look heroic.”

“But Ben had little baby teeth, and it didn’t look good when I was filming him from below. So I sent him to my dentist. He went there every day for a week, 8 hours a day. »

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