Which actors are known for their improvisations when filming?

Louis de Funès was an actor who refused to follow precise rules and loved to improvise for his films.

This is what gives him his legendary overacting, because when you think about it, few filmmakers would have said to themselves “Go ahead Louis, do anything!”

His improvisations have earned him cult scenes and lines such as:

” Her name is Edmée! Edmée! Edmée! Edmée!” in Hibernatus (1969) by Édouard Molinaro

“-There is no propeller, unfortunately.

-That’s where the bone is.” in La Grande Vadrouille (1966) by Gérard Oury .

Or again “-A ladder!… No ladder!” in L’aile ou la Cuisse (1976) by Claude Zidi .

But the examples are very numerous, he made more than a hundred of them across all his films.

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