What embarrassing thing has ever happened to a pregnant actress on the set of a movie?

In Mission: Impossible Fallout (2018), Tom Cruise stars opposite Rebecca Ferguson, who plays British secret agent Ilsa Faust.

Rebecca Ferguson was six months pregnant during filming, and was prone to nausea. But she secretly threw up every day, for fear of being deemed unfit and replaced by another actress.

While filming a fight scene with the film’s big baddie, played by Shawn Harris, her pregnancy had an unexpected, and relatively embarrassing, consequence…

The scene in question takes place at the end of the film. Rebecca tries to strangle Shawn Harris by pinning him between her legs.

She sits on him and has to grab her own leg and give a sharp blow, pretending to crush her opponent’s throat. The position was not comfortable and the actress had to be helped by the crew to get into position.

However, the moment the director called action and Rebecca gave her calf a sharp blow, the actress unintentionally let out a gigantic “vaginal fart” (a “fanny fart” in the original version) in her partner’s face.

“Poor Shawn was literally stuck between my thighs, my big boobs and my belly,” she said. “ He couldn’t move. Then I heard him moan, ‘Get me out of here!’”

I said, ‘Sorry, man, I can’t move. You’re going to have to pull yourself together…'”

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