What Communication Should You Have With Your Freelance Writer?

In addition to hiring a freelance writer, in some cases you will also hear from a freelance writer. None of these are required, but they are the hallmarks of a truly professional freelance writer who wants to please clients.

first contact

A writer must have excellent communication skills, methods and habits. If you look at a freelance writer’s website, you should be able to easily find one or more ways to get in touch. Keep in mind that many freelancers don’t put their phone number on their website. But you should be able to find the form or email to submit.

Once you contact the writer, you will hear back from them within 24 hours. Of course there are exceptions and technical issues that make this impossible, but a good and reliable freelancer will contact you as soon as it suits them, ready to discuss your project.

Project Plan

Whether you’re planning your writing project via email, instant message, or phone, it’s important to review each suggested step of the project with your freelancer. To protect you and the author, an email will be sent to you with details about the project and rates, as well as due dates and other details, and you must reply that you agree with the project details. For most freelancers, this is how they draft their contracts.


After completing the first article, the freelance writer should email you a copy for you to enter, modify, add, etc. This ensures that you and the freelance writer are aligned and that all details of the project are clear .

It’s important to keep you updated on the progress of your project at key stages, but you don’t want your freelance writers emailing or calling you 10 times a day to tell you what progress they’ve made. Freelance writers are independent contractors, so their schedule is up to them, and your main concern is ultimately submitting your content. Don’t be picky and pester your freelance writers for updates and let them do their job!

Timetable changes

If your freelance writer encounters things like having to wait for information or verifying conflicting sources, they should contact you and give you an estimated time frame to do so.


Once the freelancer submits the completed work, you can request changes or approve the project and pay your freelancer quickly.

Many writers who are committed to doing a good job for their clients will contact you within a few weeks to see if you need anything else or if you have any questions about what they already have for you.

Where Can You Find a Professional Freelance Writer?

If you’ve ever searched for the term “freelance writer” online, you’ve probably found several results, these are where freelancers write, some freelance matching services, and list your job openings to find freelancers in the place. If you want to find professional freelance writers on your own terms, there are other ways to do it without going through anonymous bidding sites or getting a flood of unqualified responses to job postings.

1. Social Networking – Most professional writers are active on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. By looking at their posts and profiles, you’ll often find links to their existing work, websites, blogs, and other information that will let you know if the writer you’re looking for is right for your job. Visit their website and connect with them as a lead instead of a random social networker. Although they seem to live almost online, freelance writers are generally very careful with their personal information.

2. Business Partners – You probably know someone who has a business website or blog. This means that you may also know someone who can recommend professional writers for consideration.

3. Instant Search Results – Yes, you can already use a search engine to find freelance writers, but you can change the results by searching for specific services and terms. Try “professional content writers,” “hire article writers,” and “hire writers,” then browse the many random links to content groups and companies to find sites for individual freelance writers.

Keep in mind that many professional individual freelance writers use company names to make their site more official, but when you visit the site you can easily see if you are dealing with an anonymous group of outsourced article writers or if the individuals you work with are capable of to communicate and discuss your projects with you. A personal touch will help you feel more confident in your freelance/client relationship.

Finding professional freelance writers who can meet your needs and deliver the quality work you’re looking for can be a bit of a hassle, but researching writers carefully and communicating effectively can help you find professional writers instead of scammers or copycats. . Take the time to find the right freelance writers for your website or blog; you won’t regret getting more traffic, more conversions and trusted content writers to drive your website or blog forward!


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