What are some movie roles that other well-known actors or actresses have turned down?

There are many stories like this in cinema and it is ultimately quite normal: when an actor receives a script, provided that he/she likes it, he/she finds himself/herself having to juggle several availability requirements. He/she may also be constrained by an exclusivity contract preventing him/her from taking on a role. This is what happened to Tom Selleck for example.

Tom Selleck had been approached by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg to play Indiana Jones. Unfortunately, his exclusive contract with Universal on the Magnum series prevented him from going to fight the Nazis in archaeological quests.

This would have given this film (recreated in deep fake by fans)

While this may sound terribly frustrating, there is a worse case than this (although somewhat different).

This is Eric Stolz.

The “young” geeks of my generation know him, he played in a series of films from the 80s/90s including The Mask, Love Upside Down, Killing Zoe and Pulp Fiction.

He would have been better known if he had been more convincing in this film which marked several generations:

He played the role of Marty McFly in Back to the Way Back. The role was originally intended for Mickael J Fox but he was not available for filming. So the film started with Eric Stolz. No luck for him, Zemeckis did not find him convincing, so the film crew went back on their initial choice. Exit Stolz, welcome J. Fox.

In my opinion, it is worse than what certainly often happens, such as refusing a role. In this case, it is the role that the actor refused.

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