Starting Your Own Freelance Copywriter

Probably all of us who work for other organizations and help others earn money are dreaming of becoming self-employed one day. However, the risk factor is always a hindrance, as a steady job gives us a sense of security that a company will miss, at least in the beginning. However, as we have seen in the recent global economic collapse, with more and more people getting pink slips, the sense of security is all wrong.

So you can also try to start an online business that you can run from home and you don’t need to invest a lot of time and money in the initial stage. Today let’s take a look at one of the best online business opportunities on the market, the freelance writing company. Below I give some tips on how to start such a business.

Gain experience

The first thing to do is gain experience by doing freelance writing work yourself. This way you can assess the market, see what kinds of articles are in demand, and see which writing styles are selling well. You can find plenty of freelance proofreading and copywriting jobs on the internet. You can start part-time to build a small capital and gain experience.

Create a network

As a freelance writer, start networking with other writers and, if possible, clients who publish your work. You can participate in online writers’ forums to interact with experienced copywriters and people related to the copywriting business. Let the people you have a good relationship with know that you plan to start a copywriting business so that you can reach them if necessary.

Create a website

Create a great website yourself and add an ecommerce page where your future customers can transact. Give the site a clean, respectable and international look to attract content publishers. Promote your content writing business with tons of sample articles and testimonials. An attractive website ensures that the visitors of your website offer you vacancies.

Marketing your business

Search engine optimization is the most cost-effective way to market your business, increasing your website’s visibility online. Start article marketing with websites that publish articles for free. Create a fun blog about how to find freelance writers to attract visitors and smartly direct them to your website.

expand your business

Hire other freelance copywriters, preferably new people, to do freelance proofreading or copywriting for your clients as it will become increasingly difficult for you to do all the copywriting work. Slowly start automating your business.

Freelance Copywriting

You’re a freelance writer, so your successful clients are your best publicity tool. However, don’t be surprised if some of your customers are reluctant to share your name with colleagues and competitors in their industry.

When you add value, you are their precious, careful resource. They don’t want to share you, but you can encourage them to do so.

So how do you create value and get your customers to promote your name?

You deliver value by always reaching out to customers to verify the results they get from your instance, and you’re willing to work with your customers to get the best results possible. In return, you ask them to share your name with others.

Following up and asking for a referral has two effects: you are highly valuable to your clients because you are a true member of their team, and you spend less time marketing your services because your clients are doing it for you.

Write your Quid Pro Quo terms in your copywriting service agreement

Put your terms – the follow-up process and what you ask clients to refer you to others – directly into your copywriting service agreement. (You have an agreement, don’t you? It’s essential.)

If you contact customers to track the results they get from your copy, you are essentially offering a “result guarantee” service. Don’t let this put you off. Not only do most copywriters not follow up, but most clients do not follow up on their promotions.

By insisting on following up on your copy in your agreement, you serve your customers – you force them to focus on the results.

Since this is your agreement, you naturally also challenge your customers to promote your services.

Freelance writers who succeed are rare. Be willing to expand for your customers and they will do the same for you. Once they know you’re focused on results and you’re getting results, they’ll be happy to pay you and refer you to others.


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