Has an actor ever turned down a role in a major film because of childish things?

The following answer will be very different, because it will move away from American cinema, to look more closely at French cinema of the 1970s:

We all know, of course, the famous French comedian Louis de Funès (top left) , arguably the most dynamic, gifted and hilarious of the last century. And one of his most famous roles is his portrayal of Coluche’s (top right) father in the 1976 hit film L’Aile ou la Cuisse – but in reality, Coluche was only chosen for the role when the original actor, Pierre Richard (bottom left) , turned it down for the following reason:

As I said earlier, Pierre Richard, at the time a young star on the rise, was chosen to play the role of De Funès’ son in the film; indeed, he was in demand from all sides, and De Funès was enthusiastic about the idea.

[ 1 ]. But very quickly, Richard expressed his clear refusal to participate in the film, because he felt disappointed with the script, even unhappy with the changes made between the introduction and the finalization of the script – as he would say on RTL , he “didn’t like the role”, reproaching it for not suiting him, and explained that he would have a hard time filming.

[ 2 ]; what is more, he describes the experience as if he had to “go to the factory every day”, adding (and I quote):

I never feel obligated to play something I don’t want to do, even if it’s well paid.

Ultimately, no matter how much money the producers offered, Pierre Richard refused the role, which was taken over by Coluche. However, decades later, he expressed his regret, saying that he had really wanted to play with Louis de Funès.

[ 3 ], but the role (which he didn’t like) prevented him from doing so – since then, there has been no project capable of bringing together these two aces of French comedy, even though it would have been something huge, not to be missed!

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