Fiverr – Deep Review

Fiverr is a website where you can buy or sell items starting at $5. Stuff might cost more than $5, but basics are always $5. After that, you can usually add extras for $5, $10, $20, etc.

For example, you want to shoot a $5 short HD video. For $5 extra it can be made in higher quality HD and/or you can add music for $10 extra.


Jobs on Fiverr are called “gigs.”


Like eBay, every seller has feedback and other information that can help you decide whether to buy from them. For example, a seller might have 5 stars, which means that everyone who buys from him or her likes him or her. The lead time is about a day and you can tell he or she has to complete three orders before moving on to the next job. This seller is on level 2 or level 3. Level 1 is the beginning and level 3 is the end (highest rated). Tier 3 sellers will struggle to get to this point, but it will take time, while Tier 1 sellers will likely be just as good at what they do.


You can get a good idea of ​​what you’re getting from a seller by looking at their working examples. Usually the examples you see are work they do for other people. Previews appear as gray dots below the main image or video. Clicking on it will show you photos or videos related to the show.


There are 11 main classes and if you include the secondary subjects, there are more than 120 classes in total. Below are the major categories on Fiverr at the time of writing:


  • advertise
  • Company
  • interesting and bizarre
  • Gift
  • Design and graphics
  • lifestyle
  • music and sound
  • internet marketing
  • Technology and programming
  • Videos and animations
  • writing and language
  • There is a messaging system on Fiverr so buyers and sellers can talk to each other.


With one shopping cart and one checkout method, you may want to buy multiple gigs at once.


You can add sellers at any time, so if you see a performance you like but don’t want to buy right away, you can add it to your collection. It’s the same as a list of your favorites.




  • low price
  • save time
  • Usually things go fast.
  • Seller Feedback
  • wide selection
  • Outsource skills you don’t have
  • Services and goods for businesses and households
  • The seller’s storefront.
  • Great place for people in poor countries to sell their skills to people in rich countries.
  • shortcoming


Problems can arise anywhere, so be careful here, just like on a site like eBay.


Not all the work done on Fiverr is good. This isn’t always important, but sometimes it is. For example, if you want a lot of Twitter followers, it can be important to get followers who are really active and interested in your niche. If you’re all about getting a lot of followers, quality probably doesn’t matter.

View seller ratings. If you don’t know someone well and they are new, then you have to take a risk. If their reviews aren’t that great, you might want to find someone else.

This scam is not unique to Fiverr, if it happens to you and you tell their customer service they usually take action. If you’re a seller, other sellers with the same type of gig may try to hurt you by ordering a gig from you, then canceling it and giving you a bad review. Such bad behavior among competitors can occur in any market, online or offline.


An important aspect of feedback


Feedback is a great way to see how sellers are doing, but it’s not just about sellers. Bad buyers ruin the reputation of good sellers. It’s great if the seller has 100% positive feedback, but if only a few people complain and the vast majority give positive feedback, it’s better to ignore the negative feedback as it could be from a disgruntled buyer, or worse from other sellers who try to hurt their competitors.


seller fee


If you’re a Fiverr seller, they take 20% off and pay you through PayPal or their own earning card. This means that for a $5 gig, you will get less than $4 due to Paypal fees. You have to wait 14 days to be paid out.


Fiverr’s payment card is different from PayPal’s, and at their current rates, if you’re selling a lot of gigs, you’ll only want one.


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