Fifty Gig Ideas You Can Post On Fiverr

Getting paid through Fiverr is easy, but if you don’t know what kind of jobs are on offer, getting paid through the platform can be a challenge. This article will give you information about gigs that are advertiseable on Fiverr and are used to generate revenue for sellers.


  • Offer to write someone’s website address with liquid shoe polish on the side of your vehicle (it’s easy to wash off).
  • Promote someone else’s business by wearing a T-shirt or hat with someone else’s logo on it.
  • Advertise websites of others by placing a sign in front of the windows of your business premises or in your own yard.
  • You can help others by putting up or handing out flyers.
  • Create a personal Facebook profile or fan page for them.
  • Advertise others on your website or Facebook fan page.
  • You must create a Twitter account for your friends.
  • You must tweet one or more times to all your followers on Twitter.
  • If you can convince someone to let you install an autoresponder on their website, offer a compensation.

Article writing and its submission

  • You can create PDF files from any paper or manuscript using the Open Office program, which is readily available and free to use.
  • Write a 300 to 500 word essay on a topic suggested by the client.
  • Offer to make many copies of others’ work using the article spinner, or to rewrite the article one or more times for them.
  • Offer to submit someone’s article to dozens of reputable directories using article submission software and explain that you will be doing this on their behalf.
  • Offer clients’ companies to write and/or distribute press releases on their behalf.
  • Post messages or comments on other people’s blogs.
  • Rewrite and sell commonly used Private Label Rights (PLR) items, or sell your own short reports or eBooks, or both.


  • You can use free or paid software to run a backlink report on someone’s URL and then provide the report to them.
  • Add others’ websites or blogs as social bookmarks on many social bookmark networks.
  • If you want to help someone get backlinks, you must respond on their behalf on a high PR site.
  • consult
  • Discuss ways to increase income through Internet activities with professionals.
  •  If you have the skills, instruct others to master basic SEO skills.
  • Teaching subjects such as music, computer repair and programming.
  • Negotiate with buyers via instant message or Skype and advise on any subject for which you have expertise.


  • Design a banner or logo for someone’s website or blog.
  • Create covers for eBooks or traditional books.
  • Create a background for someone’s Twitter account and share it with them.
  • Use Photoshop to enhance, retouch, or repair your photos.
  • With Adobe Acrobat or Open Office, you can turn written drafts into eBooks for others to use.
  • Product evaluation
  • Give others a short website review of 250-300 words.
  • If you are familiar with products that others are selling online, consider writing a review for them.
  • As a customer, criticize the design of others’ websites and give constructive criticism on how to improve them.
  • Evaluate and provide feedback on eBooks or other products owned by others.


  •  Create voiceovers for products, services, videos or whatever you want.
  • Capturing oral products based on written works.
  • Convert recordings to written form.
  • You must include testimonials for the product or service you purchased.
  • Celebrate their birthday by offering to contact them on their birthday and sing them “Happy Birthday” (like Marilyn Monroe or ?).

video service

  • Comment on videos that others have uploaded to YouTube or other reputable video hosting sites.
  • Create videos that can be used to promote your website, product or service.
  • You should make videos for other people and put them on your website.
  • Create introductory videos for websites owned by others
  • Act as someone else’s video editor.


  • You can set up a WordPress blog for a customer by installing it on the customer’s domain.
  • Help people who don’t know how to install plugins, themes or media on their website.
  • Guide others in using WordPress.


  • Offer to use software for keyword research You can offer to use software for keyword research based on terms or terms provided by the customer.
  • Other people’s blogs.
  • Give customers the ability to ping their blog posts to the most popular ping service.
  • Using a free service available online, you can generate an RSS feed for someone’s static website.
  • Send RSS feeds for websites to the right directories manually or automatically using the right tools.


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