Does it happen that a director is not satisfied with an actor’s performance and asks him to completely change his way of acting when part of the film has already been shot?

When Robert Redford accepted the role of English adventurer Denys Finch Hatton in Out of Africa, opposite Meryl Streep, he decided to use a British accent to play his character. It seems more authentic and coherent to him, since Denys Finch Hatton really existed and he was English.

During the first weeks of filming, Redford performed all his scenes with an accent.

But director Sydney Pollack will ultimately find that the choice of Redford poses a problem.

Seeing the actor speaking with an English accent, he said to himself that the audience would find it strange and would have difficulty getting into the film. According to him, Robert Redford is too famous to be able to change his accent. He thinks it will sound false and break the illusion.

Consequently, during filming, he asked the actor to abandon his English accent. And all the scenes that have already been filmed will be dubbed by Redford who will reenact them with his usual accent!

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