Aside from stunts, has an actress ever been dubbed by a man in a movie because she didn’t know how to do something?

In Flashdance (1983) actress Jennifer Beals was not a good enough dancer to perform the dance numbers herself.

So she was dubbed by a professional dancer. The dancer in question is called Marine Jahan and she is French.

She is the one we see dancing throughout the film:

But more surprisingly, another stunt double was also used to replace Jennifer Beals.

In the big final dance number, the heroine is required to perform break-dancing moves. However, at the time, the producers were unable to find a white woman who looked similar enough to do the acrobatic moves required by the script.

So it was a man who was hired to dub Jennifer Beals in this sequence!

His name was Richard Colon and he was 16 years old at the time.

To film the sequence, he had to wear a wig and shave his budding moustache. And for the record, the young man was not asked to hide his private parts in a shell or to tape them between his thighs. The director considered that the break-dancing movements would be too fast for the spectators to be able to see anything at the dancer’s crotch!

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