2 Tips You Must Know to Generate Traffic From Fiverr

Today, I’m going to show you two weird, unique, and odd ways to get 100’s of free visitors to your blog every day by using a service called Fiverr.

By using Fiverr to hire people to do the work, you can use my two secret ninja tips to get a lot of people to visit your blog and website. Many of you may already know that Fiverr is a cool place where you can hire people to do things for just $5. If you do what I say, you’ll be able to take advantage of this great service. When used right, Fiverr can be a traffic powerhouse, whether you want to get free traffic to your website or just get people to read your blog.


When you re-use your content, you can get 10 times as much traffic from Fiverr.


Tip 1: Turn your articles into slide shows in PowerPoint or PDF files.


You just need to turn the articles you’ve already written into PowerPoint presentations and post them on a site like slideshare.net. It’s pretty easy stuff, but it can take a while. Well, you can now use Fiverr.com to make the process happen automatically. Some Fiverr users will turn your articles into PowerPoint slide shows and PDF files for you. Isn’t that cool? Then, they will send them to the top five sites for sharing slides and the top five sites for sharing documents. All of this for $5! So basically, what you get for $5 can save you a lot of time, get you very high-quality traffic, and most importantly, get you those valuable back links to your blogs.


Tip 2: To get easy, free traffic, transcribe your videos.


The second way to get unusual and unique traffic with Fiver is to pay someone $5 to turn your videos into text. This is an easy way to get cheap traffic. If you’ve ever made videos to get people to visit your blog, you already have the content. You just have to look on Fiverr for someone who is willing to turn your videos into text. Then, all you have to do is use the “new” content to start getting a lot of free traffic from the search engines. This will work with any audio or video that you’ve made. On Fiverr, there are lots of people who will offer to turn your videos into text. Once you have your text, all you have to do is send it in as an article. Or, if there is a lot of content, break it up into several articles and send them to websites that list articles. You could even post them on your blog or your favorite online forum.

Why freelancers should use sites other than Fiverr for small jobs

Simply put, micro job sites are “Quick Freelance Job Boards” where freelancers (sellers) offer many different services and buyers come to shop and buy these services.


Fiverr, which came out in 2010, was the first and most well-known site for small jobs. It is a website where you can sell a service (called a “gig”) for $5, and someone will buy it for $5. You do the work, and when you’re done, you get $4. This idea was so popular that well-known magazines, news shows, and websites all talked about it.


The bad news is that there are now so many sellers on Fiverr that it’s almost impossible to stand out from the crowd. Even if you try to be different so that you stand out, you might be too hard to find for a buyer. A hard, nearly impossible act of balancing.


The good news is that because this simple idea was so smart, hundreds of micro job sites have followed suit. These sites are making Fiverr’s idea even better by giving freelancers more options and more ways to make money.


Here are some reasons why you should use other microjob sites besides Fiverr:


More options for how Gigs are priced


There are stores in L.A. with names like “$1 Stores,” “$5 Stores,” “$10 Stores,” and “$5/$10/$20 Stores,” where you pick your price from bins inside. They are fast and simple. No need to look at the prices of each item. The same is true for micro job sites. You can do the same thing with your gig: choose your site(s) or site(s)/bin(s) with the prices you want, add your gig, and you’re done. When buyers find a price they are willing to pay, it’s a “bull’s-eye” right away.


Better Terms for Sellers


When you sell your gig on Fiverr, you have to wait 14 days (called the “clearance period”) after the order is delivered before you can get your $4. Twenty percent, or one dollar, goes to Fiverr.


Other microjob sites offer alternatives to Fiverr’s fixed $1 seller fee that are based on a percentage of the sale and are less than 20%. Some even say that if you sign up with them and click a button to add links to your Facebook, Twitter, or blog, you will never have to pay a fee again as long as the links work. Others have a much shorter clearing time, and there are even sites that pay right away.


So check out the different types of seller terms and choose one or more that work for you. This is similar to how you choose a cell phone plan. As these sites get even more creative, more will come.


Sellers have a better chance of making money.


If you post your gig on a lot of microjob sites, you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed. Even if your service is available elsewhere for a lower price, a buyer may not have found it and end up buying from you because there are so many gig sites now that it is impossible for a buyer to look at all of them.


But the good news is that you only have to go to each site once, post the job, and you’re done in a flash. The point of these sites is speed, so they don’t have the long sign-up processes that the big job sites do.


So don’t just stay on Fiverr. Move on. Go to many other microjob sites and make money there!

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